Twitter, lots of messages for the Roma fan who lost his mother. Rome shares its post

Twitter, tanti messaggi per il tifoso romanista che ha perso la mamma. La Roma condivide suo post

Twitter, lots of messages for the Roma fan who lost his mother. Rome shares its post

ROME – The AS Roma paid tribute to his supporter , Matt Simon, sharing his post through the profiles of the social clubs of Serie A. The Giallorossi social post, Matt Simon remembered the mother just disappeared. With his mother, he shared a passion for Rome and the two always went to the stadium together.

Twitter, so many messages for the Roma fan who lost his mother.

Here is Matt Simon's post: “The first game without you. I sit in your place. It's hard to turn the page, but I have to face the pain and I do it being alone, with you in my heart. Rome was also being with you. May he win or lose, Forza Roma. Miss you, mom.
@OfficialASRoma #RomeNaples #asroma
Surely he will smile from up there. I am as moved as I am by this.
Carla Carmosino.
Many have written to me and I thank you deeply for your closeness. It is a terrible and unbridgeable emptiness, which none of us could imagine until yesterday.
For those interested, Mum's funeral is FRIDAY 29 at 14.30, at the Parish of San Gabriele Arcangelo (Viale Cortina d'Ampezzo, 144).
Thanks again to everyone. I will answer you personally as soon as possible.
I re-edited the post specifying the date. Sorry, but you can imagine my state ”.

Roma's post: “Football often divides the supporters of different teams or supporters of the same team and Twitter becomes the place to fight.
But football and Twitter are also able to unite and move, as in the case of the responses to the tweet of this Giallorossi fan … ".

Some answers to the tweet of the Roma fan.

Patrizia: “A shared passion. Moments of joy, of exultation but also anger, curses all lived in unison. An already visceral relationship that becomes complicity. It was a gift. I embrace you, as a mom ultras together with my boys ".

Jessica: "I'm so sorry for your mom. Dad and I are not Romanists, but I dare not think about how it will be to watch Milan games without him. A hug".
Alessio: "I understand you. It's hard to come back without your parent playing partner. It took me years. "

Michele: "Boy of heart. Half yellow, half red. Giallorossi pride. ". Anna Rita: "I used to go with my dad and I often think about when we hugged each goal. I want to remember it like this ”.

The Twitter article , lots of messages for the Roma fan who lost their mother. The Rome shares his post seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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