Turin-Juventus, arrested ten fans for clashes and throw objects out of the stadium

Torino-Juventus, arrestati dieci tifosi per scontri e lancio oggetti fuori dallo stadio

Turin-Juventus, arrested ten fans for clashes and throw objects out of the stadium

TURIN – Ten fans have been arrested for the tensions that occurred outside the Olimpico Grande Torino stadium before the Mole derby . Five others were investigated for a fight. For all the Daspo will be evaluated. Among the arrested there are eight French, including a Modane border police officer. Belonging to the group of fans known as Drughi, they were found in possession of large firecrackers. Still outside the stadium, a Juventus fan and one from Turin were arrested for throwing dangerous objects and fighting.

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Allegri: "Keeping Naples away"

"Today was a great victory to keep Napoli at a distance, the real classification will be on December 29th because we have very difficult commitments": this is how Sky Massimiliano Allegri's microphones comment on Torino's success at home.

"Winter champions? Let's take one step at a time. We defended well and we did not concede a goal against a team that came from great performances. Now the ranking does not count – adds the Juventus coach – what I want is that someone who at this moment plays less should be played because they are all important. Someone may rest next Sunday ".

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