Turin, fans contest team after 0-7 against Atalanta. Mazzarri: “We apologize and go to a retreat”

Torino, tifosi contestano squadra dopo 0-7 contro Atalanta. Mazzarri: "Chiediamo scusa e andiamo in ritiro"

Turin, Walter Mazzarri in the photo Ansa. The grenade technician is in the sights of fans who ask for his exemption

TURIN – Total break between Walter Mazzarri and the Turin fans. Relations had already broken down definitively at the end of October with this press release issued by the Curva Maratona, the hottest fringe of typhoon grenade: "We can't take it anymore: Mazzarri has to go ! He has to leave because the Bull is increasingly disgusting: in the standings and on the field. He has to leave because Philadelphia is always closed.

Always! So it prevents people from living the Taurus, it makes people want to cheer. Finally, the straw that spilled over the pot was to indicate Chiellini as an example for Toro players. An unbearable provocation ! A Toro coach cannot indicate a hunchback like Chiellini as an example!

Never! And we are not here to list the various models from which to take an example, which have played in the Taurus: there are dozens and dozens, just knowing how to choose. What about Cairo? Is this also okay in Cairo? Can Cairo accept that an employee of his cites Chiellini as an example for Toro? No, he absolutely cannot accept it, in our opinion. Must not ! "."

Turin, Mazzarri only speaks: "We apologize to the fans and go to a retreat".

Today, before, during and after the internal collapse against Atalanta 0-7, the fans contested the team and reiterated their idea: "Mazzarri must be exonerated". For the time being, the patron Cairo has not made any decisions, only Mazzarri showed up in front of the cameras to speak on behalf of Torino to Dazn's microphones:

“I won't talk about the game because there is nothing to say. I am following the players, we all apologize to our fans because we did a lot of harm tonight. Only tonight, but still today we have no excuse. We will immediately go to retreat. The withdrawal will last as long as it is needed. I'm not talking about anything else. The protest of the fans? Tonight is right, I have nothing to say. "

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