Turin-Debrecen, streaming and live TV on Sky Sport at 9 pm

Torino-Debrecen streaming diretta tv Sky Sport ore 21

Turin, Walter Mazzarri in the photo Ansa

TURIN – With the going of the second round of preliminaries, the 2019/20 edition of the UEFA Europa League , the second most important football event in the Old Continent, all on Sky until 2021, starting from stage a group.

Waiting to see the other two Italians present in the competition, Rome and Lazio, who will start from the group stage in September, headlights tonight on Turin.

The home stadium is not available, the grenades will play at the Moccagatta of Alessandria, which is sold out, hosting the Hungarians of Debrecen.

Exclusive live TV match on Sky Sport Football and Sky Sport Uno at 9 pm, with Fabio Caressa's commentary, Beppe Bergomi's comment and Paolo Aghemo's sideline. Turin-Debrecen will also be broadcast live on SkyGo.

What is SkyGo? It is the app that allows Sky Sport subscribers to watch the game on PC, mobile or tablet. Very useful for people who want to watch the game while not being at home. This is very common in this period where some people have already left for the summer holidays.

Absent from Europe since 2015, Walter Mazzarri's Torino aims to qualify for the third qualifying round, to then enter the group stage.

The first leg is played today, 25 July, while the return, on Hungarian soil, is scheduled for Thursday 1 August.

Turin-Debrecen, Mazzarri: "This is the most difficult match".

"The most difficult game is tonight's: if we were to overtake it from the next we would see another Toro." Walter Mazzarri does not trust the Hungarians of Debrecen, opponents in the second preliminary round of the Europa League in the first official exit of the Turin season.

"They have been training for a month and a half, while our condition is in doubt – explains the grenade technician -. We have to pass the round at any cost, beyond the physical form, starting to not suffer goals tonight. "

In attack the grenade will rely on Captain Belotti: "If he is good he can play in any European championship, I wanted him with me in England: he has physical, he is generous, a driver" (sources Ansa and Sky Sport).

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