Transfer, Neymar-Bale exchange (plus 90 million): Real deals with the PSG

Maxi offerta del Real Madrid per Neymar, 90 milioni più Bale

Neymar during a training session with Brazil (photo ANSA)

ROME – Resounding exchange in sight: Gareth Bale at PSG and Neymar al Real . A solution that, according to the British tabloid Independent , would represent the ideal solution for both clubs to solve the cases of the two players, now separated at home. Situations that are now impossible to repair and that will have to be resolved as soon as possible. This is why Psg and Real are already working for a few weeks on the summer exchange. If everything should work, the PSG should also receive an economic adjustment of 90 million.

The Paris Saint-Germain would now seem increasingly eager to say goodbye to the Brazilian, bought two years ago for € 222 million from Barcelona. The entourage of the attacker would be pushing more and more towards the exchange with the Real even if Neymar would prefer to return to Messi and co. Difficult hypothesis given that the Catalans have recently announced Griezmann, with a 120 million transaction. The eventual landing of O'Ney at Real Madrid would represent a low blow to the historical rivals from the blancos patron Florentino Perez. According to the Independent, Bale also received important offers from China, but the Welsh would like to continue playing in Europe. (source INDEPENDENT)

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