Transfer market, the dictatorship of agents: record commissions in 2019

Calciomercato, la dittatura degli agenti: commissioni da record nel 2019

Transfer market, Joao Felix went from Benfica to Atletico Madrid for a record figure. In the photo, he exults after a goal scored with the Portuguese shirt

ROME – A new FIFA report has revealed that global spending on commissions to be paid to players' agents has increased by 5.8 percent to $ 7.35 billion in 2019, a record high. As Statista Infographics Bulletin writes, football clubs around the world have completed 18,042 international transfers and 15,463 professional players have been involved representing 178 different nationalities.

Interestingly, outright club-to-club transfers accounted for only 11.6 percent of all loan transfers that made up 13.5 percent.

As in previous years, the most common type of transfer involved players who were available on a free transfer. These players are more attractive than the others because those who buy them do not have to pay the cost of their card but only have to find an agreement with their agents on the salary to be paid to the player.

Portugal had the largest positive net value of transfer fees in 2019 with a balance of $ 384 million while England had the largest negative balance at – $ 549.9 million.

Transfer market, Joao Felix went from Benfica to Atletico Madrid for a record figure.

João Félix's transfer from Benfica to Atletico Madrid was the biggest deal of 2019 at € 126 million, followed by Antoine Griezmann's € 120 million transfer from Atletico Madrid to Barcelona. In other words, Atletico Madrid collected 120 million euros from the sale of the Frenchman and immediately invested them in the purchase of the Portuguese for 126 million euros.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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