Transfer market, Naples bursts on social media: “But who is this Cucurella?”

NAPLES – Napoli bursts on social media after some news of the transfer market that wanted him strongly interested in Cucurella .

According to the president of Getafe Angel Torres , Aurelio De Laurentiis calls him every three days to convince him to sell him Cucurella .

Napoli categorically denied its statements by saying:

“But who is the president of Getafe? But who is Cucurella ? De Laurentiis does n't even know them … ".

It all started with statements made by Torres to Marca.

His words are reported by the online edition of

“De Laurentiis calls me every three days – he reveals to 'Marca' about the clubs interested in his players – Our goal to date, however, is not to sell anyone.

And I hope that in Spain those who have resorted to Erte (the equivalent of our layoffs) are not allowed to hire players: we just need those who have used Erte to take one of our players for 20 million, not it would make sense. "

Napoli was amazed by these statements by Torres and wanted to deny them with a colorful tweet that immediately became viral on social media.

“It's a hoax, a Fake News.

De Laurentiis does not even know who the President of Getafe is and has never spoken with his collaborators about this Cucurella.

#Go Napoli forever".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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