Transfer market, Messi-Inter as Cristiano Ronaldo-Juventus? Marotta’s denied photocopy …

The transfer market negotiations between Inter and Messi seem to be a photocopy of the one between Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo. The protagonist is the same Beppe Marotta

Marotta has taken a taste and above all knows how to do it. After bringing to Italy, against all odds, Cristiano Ronaldo at Juventus is trying to do the same with Messi at Inter in this transfer market window.

The stages of the two negotiations are incredibly equal. In both cases, Marotta was 'caught' by journalists, but perhaps this is also part of his strategy.

With Ronaldo it worked perfectly, the journalists asked him for weeks for clarifications on the negotiation and Marotta was able to deny the deal to the death, until the last, until the evidence …

With Messi, he is proceeding in an almost identical way. Yesterday he surpassed himself by giving Sky Sport the same denial, equal also in the syllables, to that which he provided in the days of Cristiano Ronaldo.

"He is a great champion but we cannot take him to these figures". He said the same for Cristiano Ronaldo then we all know how it turned out …

The truth is that Marotta is a master in seemingly impossible negotiations when he has a solid company behind him.

Suning is very rich and wants to beat the world of football with a sensational blow. The Chinese of Inter are tired of settling for second place, they want to win an important trophy.

With Messi they took such a taste to project it on the Duomo in a spot of family TV. Other than the transfer market hoax, the negotiation is real and the fans can dream because Marotta is moving as with Cristiano Ronaldo and, I repeat, we all know how it turned out …

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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