Transfer Market: Juventus sells Kean for Lukaku, Milan sells Cutrone for Rafael Leao. Serie A is not for young Italians

Calciomercato Juventus Kean Lukaku Milan Cutrone Rafael Leao

On social media, the photos of Moise Kean with the Everton shirt are already running. British fans in seventh heaven for this transfer kick

ROME – Serie A is not a championship for young Italians. In the last month of the transfer market, Stephan El Shaarawy, from Rome to the Chinese in Shanghai, Patrick Cutrone, sold by Milan to the English of Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club, and Moise Kean , is still not official but the official brother has already published his picture with the Everton shirt.

Calciomercato, away the best young Italians to take foreigners that could prove a failure (see André Silva). Is it the right strategy?

Disposals that are made to replace these young people with players of dubious functionality. Milan sold Cutrone, a footballer who showed excellent things during the technical management of Rino Gattuso despite his young age, to bet on a bet like Rafael Leao. Evidently the flop purchase of André Silva from Porto did not teach Milan to focus on young players of value in their youth sector.

Moise Kean was the best footballer of the second half of the season for Juventus, when the big names had to rest because of the Champions League assault (which later failed following the elimination against Ajax in the quarter-finals), yet it was sold in exchange rate of about forty million euros.

With this payment, Juve will make a rich capital gain but will be deprived of a footballer with a secure future who has already scored and convinced with the shirt of the Italian national football team. A player who could be worth much more than Romelu Lukaku within a year or so. In short, Juve is selling Moise Kean to spend double for Lukaku. The next few years will tell whether Juve is making a deal or not.

Rome's speech is a bit different. The Giallorossi surrendered Stephan El Shaarawy because they had to quickly get back that amount for the obligations set by the financial fair play (posts that must be respected to participate in the European cups). Furthermore, in this transfer the determination of the player who would have no longer had the possibility of perceiving an engagement of that carried in any other European championship was also decisive.

In any case, the lesson of coach Roberto Mancini has served no purpose. As soon as he sat on the bench of the Italian national team, he started to aim with determination on young people like Barella, Sensi, Zaniolo and Kean and asked the clubs to make them play not only in a blue light but also to enhance the products of our youth sectors .

Nothing to do, young people can wait. In Italy it is still time to spend good money for foreigners who could prove to be even lower than our young mandates without too many afterthoughts abroad.

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