Transfer market Juventus, between Suarez and Dzeko check the return of Morata

Juventus transfer market, a center forward will arrive but who? Between Suarez and Dzeko, the possible return of Morata appears.

Transfer market , Juventus have plans A (Suarez), B (Dzeko) and C (Morata). Between Suarez and Dzeko, the possible return of Morata appears. The bianconeri want a center forward of international level and in order not to find themselves with the match in hand, they are considering various tracks.

Juventus transfer market: Morata.

Let's start with the possible return of Morata. The young striker is leaving Atletico Madrid and could return to Turin through an exchange with Douglas Costa.

Morata left great memories in Turin and would gladly return to dress the black and white at the court of his friend Pirlo. At the same time, Simeone would gladly welcome the Brazilian winger.

Morata is not plan A but it is still a solution that Juve is thinking seriously about.


In fact, plan A is called Suarez but the Uruguayan's farewell to Barcelona is anything but taken for granted.

Meanwhile, Messi is doing everything to convince him to stay with him for another year. Then it is neither easy nor obvious to get rid of Barcelona.

Suarez still has a two-year contract at 14 million a season. The striker has asked to be released in exchange for just one year's salary but Barcelona are not keen to give him this money right away.


Plan B, Dzeko, is also not so obvious. Roma cannot let him leave without first reaching an agreement with Napoli for Milik.

So Juve are in an uncomfortable waiting position. The bianconeri have already reached an agreement with the Bosnian but there is no one between Roma and Napoli for Milik.

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