Transfer market, Juric renews with Verona. And Fiorentina? Ballot De Rossi-Liverani

Ivan Juric has removed himself from the transfer market by renewing his contract with Verona. Faded Juric, Fiorentina threw herself headlong on two names: Daniele De Rossi and Fabio Liverani.

Transfer market, Ivan Juric renews his contract for Hellas Verona for three years. The Scaliger company announces this on its website.

The Gialloblù partnership announced that it had "found a full and satisfactory agreement with Mr. Ivan Juric and his staff members for the extension of their respective contracts for the next three years, until June 30, 2023".

This news of the transfer market made Fiorentina freeze and she was counting on restarting from the current Gialloblù manager.

For this reason, the viola moved immediately on two other tracks, those that lead to Daniele De Rossi and Fabio Liverani.

We are talking about two very different situations. They are both young technicians but De Rossi has no experience while Liverani has matured a good CV between Serie A and Serie B.

Both enjoy the esteem of Pradè, Fiorentina's sporting director with a common past with De Rossi at the time of Rome.

But Pradè is also a friend of Liverani as the coach lives in Rome and is a big fan of the Giallorossi. Fiorentina will start talks with both technicians and then make a decision (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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