Transfer market Inter, Vidal and Kolarov on the way. Eriksen offered to half Premier

The Inter transfer market got underway with Vidal and Kolarov. The two over 30s are expected in Milan next week. Eriksen outgoing.

The Inter transfer market got underway with Vidal and Kolarov operations. Two low-cost deals that give Conte two of his wards.

Conte likes talented young players but also experienced footballers who give ample guarantees both in Italy and in Europe. So here are Vidal and Kolarov, two operations that closely resemble the one that brought Young to the Nerazzurri a few months ago.

But at Inter, the income is not so much concerned as the expenses. It will not be easy to place Eriksen, a footballer who arrived a few months ago and who has already been put at the door by Conte.

In fact, the Nerazzurri coach was disappointed with his performance and no longer considers him useful to the cause. Conte had wanted him strongly because he believed that the Dane would adapt perfectly to his tactical module but the exact opposite happened.

Eriksen never got in tune with Conte's idea of ​​football, which is really different from Pochettino's. Thus the Dane ended his first Nerazzurri season as a luxury bench.

Few can afford it. The Nerazzurri are hoping to place him in some Premier League clubs. Eriksen likes both the two Manchester teams and Everton.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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