Transfer market, Barcelona pressing on Lautaro. Inter worried about the termination clause …

BARCELONA (SPAIN) – The coronavirus does not stop the transfer market. Barcelona have recorded the first two cases fortunately they are not players of the Blaugrana squad.

The Catalans want to buy Lautaro Martinez , a phenomenal striker who at 22 is already the star of the Nerazzurri and the center forward of Argentina.

And it is precisely in Argentina that we must go to understand why Barcelona are on him … Messi played us together in the national team and indicated him as the future champion of world football.

The "Pulce" wants to play alongside Barcelona in Lautaro Martinez. In the Lautaro contract a non-low but certainly favorable clause in Barcelona has emerged …

As of July 15, anyone who wants Lautaro can present an offer of 111 million euros to Inter.

With this offer, the Nerazzurri company would no longer have a say and the buyer could deal directly with Martinez.

When Inter put this termination clause, he never imagined that in a short time Lautaro would become one of the strongest strikers on the planet.

Barcelona have the economic availability to buy Lautaro for 111 million euros but first they will try to get a discount by offering the Arturo Vidal card in exchange.

Conte wants the Chilean but at the same time has no intention of depriving himself of Lautaro.

If Conte fails to convince the Argentine to stay, he could agree to console himself with the Chilean midfielder who has already coached at the time of Juventus.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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