Transfer, Higuain-Manolas exchange: Juve and Roma think about it

calciomercato higuain manolas

Transfer, Higuain-Manolas exchange: Juve and Roma think about it

ROME – Juventus and Roma are at work for an exchange. If the Bianconeri are looking for reinforcements for the backward department, the Giallorossi instead, with the imminent departure of Dzeko, must make a reliable striker available to Fonseca. This is where the idea was born, both for budgetary reasons and for rose, of an exchange between Manolas and Higuain . The Greek defender has a rescission clause of 36 million, while the Pipita, despite being considered an excess, Juve would not want to lose it for a figure under 40 million.

Among the parties, reports the Gazzetta dello Sport , there would already be contacts for a deal that would be convenient for both. If Manola is hired to deal with Raiola, who would ask for about 6 million euros per season, for Higuain's one could consider a Bianconeri contribution, considering the 9.5 million per season he currently receives. (source GAZZETTA DELLO SPORT)

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