Tour in A1 Panoramica, with the bike on the Autostrada del Sole Saturday 25 May

Giro in A1 Panoramica, con la bici in autostrada del Sole sabato 25 maggio

Tour in A1 Panoramica, with the bike on the highway Saturday 25 May (photo Ansa)

ROME – With the bike on … the highway. The Giro in A1 Panoramica returns, an amateur tour on the motorway, which allows participants to travel on two wheels on the scenic route of the historic Autostrada del Sole.

From Barberino di Mugello to Pian del Voglio and back, on Saturday 25 May, over 1000 cyclists will ride along Europe's first tourist highway, whose stretch will be closed to vehicular traffic for the occasion, plunging into one of the highest density areas of Beni Unesco.

It is a 36 km race, with a regulated speed and a duration of about two hours, among the typical ups and downs of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Participants are amateur cyclists, of average age between 40 and 50, arriving from all Italian regions, especially from Emilia and Tuscany, but also from Calabria and Puglia.

The tour, organized by Aspi (Autostrade per l'Italia) together with the Giro d'Italia , will offer the spectacle of a full-fledged race, including the starter, cars and motorbikes of the pink competition. This year the Giro in A1 Panoramica is also the main stage of "Il Giro nel Giro", an initiative by Autostrade per l'Italia as part of the Sei in un Meraviglioso project, born with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlinking the main tracks of the over 100 years of Corsa Rosa to as many UNESCO sites in the Italian Province, through amateur cycling tours. After the very participated stages of Vinci, Frascati, Ravenna, and subsequently to the Panoramica in A1, the "Giro nella Giro" will end on May 31 with the Treviso – Villa Barbaro Maser route.

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