Totti studies as a prosecutor and continues to work with the national team

Totti procuratore Nazionale Euro 2020 tutti i suoi progetti calcistici

Totti in the photo Ansa

ROME – Francesco Totti's future in the football world is well defined. The captain will continue his television experiences, starting with Celebrity Hunted on Amazon, but his main activity will remain football. The former number ten of the Capitoline is collaborating with the Italian national team in view of Euro 2020, as the Azzurri will play three games, even more if they pass the group, in Rome.

Meanwhile, Totti is busy body and soul in his football school, the "Totti Soccer School", and has had an office built in his club's sports center. The former number ten of Roma wants to implement the training activities of the Soccer School.

The men's soccer school will be joined by the female one. Then various courses will be launched dedicated to special boys and girls. The former captain of Rome is very fond of young people and is demonstrating this with facts through his Soccer School.

Then the former Giallorossi star will enter the prosecutors market. Totti is carefully studying this world and is taking part in various courses, one of which is also aimed at perfecting the English language since its activity will not only focus on Italy but also abroad.

As La Gazzetta dello Sport writes, it is not yet clear whether Totti will be the prosecutor himself or whether he will make his football knowledge available to professionals. The former captain of Rome would have decided to become part of this world because he is fascinated by the idea of ​​finding new talent around the planet.

Rome's former number ten plans to see us along with young talents. From this point of view it certainly helped him to have opened a football school to which he dedicates body and soul. The former Giallorossi captain will travel around the world to discover new talents to take to the Italian soccer league or other European championships.

His passion for shaking work was inculcated by his friend Bruno Conti, who for years has brought to Rome the best young people in circulation coming to them before the other clubs.

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