Totti rejects Florenzi and launches Pellegrini captain, divided fans

Totti boccia Florenzi e lancia Pellegrini capitano, tifosi divisi

Totti rejects Florenzi and launches Pellegrini captain, divided fans. Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MEO

ROME – Totti has left Rome spitting venom on Franco Baldini and American ownership but his statements on Alessandro Florenzi and Lorenzo Pellegrini have not gone unnoticed. The former Roma number ten took a clear position on the two players.

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A journalist asked Totti if Florenzi and Pellegrini could be his and and De Rossi's heirs and if the two Roman players had looked for him before the farewell press conference at Rome. Totti responded by drawing a clear distinction between Florenzi and Pellegrini.

Florenzi was called by last name and liquidated with two words. Pellegrini was called by name and Totti praised him with a long speech that did not go unnoticed by the Roma fans.

Here are the statements of Francesco Totti at the press conference goodbye to Rome. "Florenzi didn't hear it. Pellegrini is a great player and a respectable person. I renew my compliments for the Under-21 goal. He didn't believe that I could leave, but he will believe it. I promised him many things, which I hope will come true, he is a special boy, he can give so much to this shirt. He is a fan of Rome and some Roman inside always serves. I am ready to put a hand on the fire on him, I am sure that he will remain forever in Rome ".

In short, Totti "rejected" Alessandro Florenzi and launched Lorenzo Pellegrini as the new captain of Rome. His statements split the Roma supporters in two.

According to some supporters, the band should be taken away from Florenzi and handed over to Pellegrini also because the right-back is at the center of a market negotiation with Inter. According to others, Francesco Totti should not have put Florenzi in the middle by throwing more fuel on the fire in an already very delicate situation for Rome.

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