Totti, Nainggolan and Pellegrini and the involuntary promotion of “rare dogs” sold to VIPs in crazy numbers

ROME – Francesco Totti, Radja Nainggolan and Pellegrini and the "rare dogs". French bulldog puppies passed off as a rare variant that were actually half-breed.

All this because they had a blanket of exotic colors like blue, gray and lilac.

For this reason, they were sold at very high prices, even 3,500 euros, but they were simple mestizos.

The involuntary role of celebrities such as Pellegrini, Totti and Nainggolan , whose delivery of the puppies or moments of entertainment with the animals were photographed and documented with posts , was decisive for their promotion.

To delineate the picture is the Procura di Ravenna which, as reported by the local press, has triggered the preventive seizure for some web pages.

The pages were re-sealable to a Slovak company which, the investigators discovered, is based in an abandoned shed.

The measure, issued by the investigating magistrate of Ravenna, was confirmed by the Court of the city of Romagna.

The latter rejected the request for a review of the two people investigated for commercial fraud in competition.

It is a 35 year old from Rome and her partner, a Slovak peer.

Luckily for these celebrities there is not only bad news.

Radja Nainggolan is at the center of several transfer market negotiations, while Totti has hired his first client: Inter's baby Bonavita.

Although Totti does not like to call himself a prosecutor but rather a talent scout. He reported it himself during an interview released a while ago to Diletta Leotta for Dazn.

“But I won't be a prosecutor, that's a word gone by now. I would scout: I would scour to find some promising young men.

What if I was the prosecutor of a 25-year-old Totti? Surely he wouldn't play for Roma – admits the former number ten to Dazn's microphones -. At twenty-five they would already have bought it (laughs, ed). I think he would struggle to stay at Roma for so long. "

Returning to Nainggolan, the Belgian could return to Inter or Roma. Difficult his stay at Cagliari. Ninja is also very interesting to Atalanta (source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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