Totti loses a Rolex Daytona: “If you find it, call this number and I’ll come and get it”

ROME – Francesco Totti loses a rolex, not just any rolex but the one with whom he shared his whole career and now asks fans for help on Instagram :

"Guys I lost my watch to which I was very attached and with whom I shared my whole career – he wrote on Instagram-.

I appeal to all of you in the hope that you can find it. I know it is almost impossible but trying does not harm. It is a steel Daytona with a white dial and in the strap it has two plaques with the letter C (Cristian and Chanel) ".

Totti says he will personally pick up the watch and also leaves a telephone number, with the hope that it will be useful.

"I thank you in advance – concludes the appeal Totti – and I leave you an address: 348 8888940. I will personally come to pick it up".

Totti and Candela

Francesco Totti still protagonist on Instagram. The former Roma captain is having a good time thanks to live broadcasts with his former teammates.

After those with Alberto Aquilani, his accomplice during the reality show Celebrity Hunted, and the one with Luca Toni, here is the one with Vincent Candela, who has always been one of his best friends.

“Keep free that I will take you away from Rome. You will be part of my stable. Now you have to work, in fact, I already have two or three players to offer.

The new Totti? It is not there at the moment, I hope to find it.

We will look for it together. I want to do – he adds – especially scouting because I want to make young people grow in the best way, I want to make them behave honestly, with due manners, as I grew up, with important values ​​and principles. So I'm looking for new talent around the world. "

Then a beautiful declaration of love:

“Rome will never lift me from my head and heart. Presidents, coaches, players can pass, it's my second skin.

What I have done for Roma and Roma has done for me, nobody will ever take away from me. It is a boast – concludes Totti – to be a Roman and a Romanist ". (Source: Instagram).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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