Totti leaves Rome, the reasons for the farewell. When Conte said to him: “I come, let’s talk …”

Totti lascia la Roma, i motivi dell'addio. Quando Conte gli disse: "Vengo, parliamone..."

Totti leaves Rome, the reasons for the farewell. When Conte said to him: "I come, let's talk …". Photo ANSA / GIORGIO WELCOME

ROME – Francesco Totti leaves Rome at the end of a long adventure that has lasted since 1989. The red and yellow flag will explain the reasons for his farewell in a press conference that will be aired tomorrow at 2 pm at the CONI headquarters, courtesy of his friend Giovanni Malagò.

Waiting to hear the declarations of the former captain of Rome, Il Corriere dello Sport, in an article by Guido d'Ubaldo, reconstructs the motivations that led Totti to leave his love as always.

The former number ten leaves his favorite club because he was not involved in the decision-making process that led to the appointment of Fonseca as the new manager of the Giallorossi. Behavior of the company that clashes with the offer presented to Totti to be the new technical director of the club. A coach is an important figure in a football club and his opinion must be decisive in every crucial decision of the club. So it was not and Totti decided to leave.

The reconstruction of the Corriere dello Sport starts back in 2017 when the former captain of Rome, who had just stopped playing football, went to London accompanied by Ilary Blasi to meet Baldini and then Pallotta with Baldini. The American property had decided to spread the executive contract (extending it by one year) that had made him sign the Senses in 2010, with immediate effect at the end of his career as a footballer.

After the exemption of Eusebio Di Francesco, Massara, following Franco Baldini's instructions, contacted Fabio Capello to offer him the role of technical director. Capello has refused but this move has deteriorated again the relations between Totti, who aspired to hold that managerial role, and Franco Baldini.

At the same time, Baldini had given the go-ahead to close with Paulo Sousa but the Portuguese coach preferred to agree with the Bordeaux enticed by a three-year contract. At this point, Rome found itself unprepared and Totti resolved the situation, showing a wide managerial capacity, convincing Claudio Ranieri to return to Rome and above all to accept a contract of just three months.

Having taken note of Rome's decision not to continue with Ranieri, the former Giallorossi captain moved in person to convince Antonio Conte. The negotiation between the Apulian technician and Roma was born with the contact with the former number ten of Roma. Conte had been favorably impressed by the proposal presented by Totti and had given his maximum availability.

Shortly afterwards, Fienga, in a secret blitz at a bank in Siena, continued negotiations with Conte without notifying the former number ten of Roma. The meeting between Fienga and Conte was disastrous.

The former Juventus coach was not satisfied with the technical project presented to him by Fienga and decided to refuse the Roma to agree with Inter. Then Roma contacted Gasperini, without telling Totti, but the Atalanta coach refused. On the contrary, it has strengthened itself with the proposal of Rome to snatch an excellent contract renewal with Atalanta.

At this point, Rome found itself once again in difficulty and left the initiative again to the former number ten. Totti contacted Gattuso but his old National team-mate refused because he didn't feel like sticking to a complicated environmental situation like Rome's.

After the refusal of Gattuso, three coaches remained in the running for the Roma bench: De Zerbi, Giampaolo and Fonseca. The former number ten of Roma was not taken into consideration in this decision-making process and Baldini gave mandate to the Giallorossi managers to close with Fonseca who was appointed as the new coach of Roma. Totti has nothing against Fonseca but he felt disrespectful and decided to leave.

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