Totti jokes with Toni on Instagram: “I buy Rome, now it costs less …”

ROME – Francesco Totti continues to be the king of live broadcasts on Instagram. After the one with Alberto Aquilani, here's the one with another former teammate, Luca Toni.

“Buying Rome? Well now it costs less … ". Francesco Totti responds with one of his jokes to the provocation launched by his ex-partner Luca Toni during a live video call on Instagram.

The Giallorossi company, before the coronavirus pandemic broke out, was close to changing hands from James Pallotta to the Friedkin Group for an amount exceeding 700 million euros.

The general stop imposed by the emergency, however, has frozen the negotiation.

"So much the next president who arrives throws you in" then adds Toni, taking for granted a return of Totti to Trigoria.

"To play? If he should call me a game again, of course, ”the former number 10 replies ironically.

Regarding the situation related to the spread of the coronavirus and the limitations in place, however, Totti ventures a forecast.

“For me we will go out on May 3rd or 4th. The championship? For me it does not resume. It will be a big mess.

Also because now with FIFA and the Federation they will have to come out of the closet, "explains the former Giallorossi, finding Toni's bank:

"Even in my opinion it doesn't start again, in late July or early August there will be a new season". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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