Totti jokes with Nainggolan: “Do you want to return to Rome? Unfortunately I can’t help you anymore … “

ROME – Nice curtain on social networks between Francesco Totti and Radja Nainggolan , old teammates in Rome.

The former captain of the Giallorossi knows the Ninja's dream of returning to wear the shirt of Rome and for this reason he has decided to joke about it on social networks.

“Radja do you want to go back to Rome? Unfortunately I can't help you anymore because I'm not in it anymore … ".

Nainggolan's reply is ready:

"I would also be a gardener to you …!"

A few hours earlier, Radja Nainggolan spoke during a live interview on Twitch, where she talked about her well-known sporting rivalry with Juve.

"I want to dispel this myth that I would be against Juve – said the Cagliari midfielder -. I have always said that I would not go to Juve because I like challenges, I never want to be with the strongest. "

Not only the curtain with Totti, listen to Nainggolan: "I'm not going to Juve because I prefer to bring up a less strong team".

“The best thing in my opinion is to take a team and bring it up. Then now the Juventus players will tell me that Juve doesn't want me, but that's okay. Now the Juve fans are also playing the chants against me, but the truth is that I have only remained consistent with what I said, "added Nainggolan.

His card is still owned by Inter, who turned it on loan to Cagliari.

And on the Nerazzurri coach, Antonio Conte , Nainggolan explains:

"I would have liked to work with him, I love people who speak clearly and he is someone who tells you things in the face, he has always been transparent to me from the beginning".

On the players he would have liked to play with in the past or present, he admits:

"I have played with many great players, Seedorf has always impressed me, then there are many, Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, it is right that whoever makes the difference whoever wants to play it".

Finally about his personality, he says:

"My career has been important to date, I have always had a good relationship with everyone, other than creating problems in the locker rooms as someone says." (source SPORT COURIER ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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