Totti: I don’t know if I stay. Rome: if you learn English …

Totti: I don't know if I stay. Rome: if you learn English ...

Totti: I don't know if I stay. Rome: if you learn English …

ROME – “At this moment many words are spoken and written, trying to hypothesize my thoughts and my choices. Soon my point of view in the right place … ". This is the message written on social networks by Francesco Totti. The former captain , now manager, Rome offered the job of technical director, renewing the contract for 600 thousand euros a year.

He takes his time, perhaps he doesn't know what to do: his role seems more like a mere representative than a true manager, deciding – in Rome he talks about nothing else – he is rather the trusted advisor to President Pallotta who lives in London, Franco Baldini.

It is no mystery that on the farewell to De Rossi the contrary opinion of Francesco has not been taken into consideration. And so on the choice of the new coach: the Portuguese Fonseca is a bet from the president, Totti instead pushed for a technician who already knew the Italian championship, lavishing himself first on the unmanageable Count, then on Gattuso and Mihajlovic.

For now, the former Captain, still in an enviable form, continues to delight the crowds with some performances around the world, but he began, as it were, to mark a visit, carefully avoiding company meetings in London. So much so that I'm going to do it, Totti asks himself. On the other hand it is not that they are very satisfied with this attitude, even if it is a totem, a kind of tutelary deity, the question must be handled with extreme caution. Roman radios are on the verge of going there. Perhaps, it is whispered in society, if he learned English (suggests Francesco Morrone di Repubblica), he could be more operative and have more influence. For now, he makes the image and works as a lightning rod. (source La Repubblica)

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