Totti, goodbye to Rome: “Either me or Baldini. They didn’t want the Romans “. The club: “Fanciful vision”

Totti: "Uno tra me e Baldini doveva uscire. Lui ha sempre l'ultima parola. Io dico sempre la verità, loro..."

Totti: "One of me and Baldini had to go out. He always has the last word. I always tell the truth, they … ". Photo ANSA / ALESSANDRO DI MEO

ROME – Francesco Totti leaves Rome after 30 years and does so by accusing Franco Baldini , the American property and executives who, according to him, want the evil of the Giallorossi society: "Their plan has always been to deromanize Rome. Now they have finally succeeded. " "They forced me to stop playing and now it's not my fault if I go away. For me, detaching myself from Rome is like dying. Pallotta only listens to Baldini but doing so is making mistakes and failing to make decisions. Either I, or Baldini, it makes no sense that I stay with this situation ". "The president must be present in Trigoria, they should have focused on me and De Rossi so they would have understood what Romanity means. Inside Trigoria there are people who do the evil of Rome. I will return to the company only with another property. Now I'm going to Curva Sud with Daniele De Rossi ".

Francesco Totti leaves Rome after a very long militancy that began back in 1989, when he entered the youth club of the Capitoline club. In 1992 Totti made his debut in the first team where he played until 2017 for a record number of 786 games with 307 goals. After being forced by the company to leave the football he had played, Totti began his managerial career thanks to a contract he had signed at the time of the Sensi and that allowed him to automatically continue his work in the Capitoline club after hanging up his boots . For this reason, the relationship between Totti and American property never took off. He was always a tolerant at home. Totti remained in the company but a foreign body has always appeared compared to the rest of the executives, with some not well defined tasks (as admitted also by De Rossi in his farewell press conference to Rome when he said that he would not have wanted a leadership role without powers).

After the farewell of Francesco Totti, Roma issued the following official declaration :

"The club is extremely disappointed to learn that Francesco Totti has announced that he has decided to leave the club and not take the position of technical director of AS Roma. We offered him this role after the release of Monchi, for which we were awaiting his reply. We believed that the role offered to Francesco was one of the highest positions in the club and that of course it required total dedication and commitment, something that is expected of all managers within the club. We were prepared to be patient with Francesco and help him make the transition from being a great footballer to a great manager. To demonstrate this commitment to Francesco, he was offered the role of Technical Director – a role in which we believed could grow and one in which we proposed to support him as he adapted. While we understand how difficult it is for him to make this decision to leave AS Roma after 30 years, we believe his perception of the facts and decisions made in the club is both imaginative and far from reality. As for the repeated references to a possible return with a new property, combined with information on interested parties that he has collected around the world, we hope that this was not intended as an anticipated anticipation of an attempt to acquire the club , a scenario that would be very sensitive given that AS Roma is a publicly traded company. The club's investor group has absolutely no intention of putting AS Roma on sale now or in the future. We wish Francesco only good luck for what he decides to do next. "

Francesco Totti's full farewell press conference.

"I thank President Malagò for the opportunity he gave me. I never wanted this day to be very ugly and heavy. But my decision was both right and proper. I never had the chance to work on the technical area as they promised me. It was months since I wanted to leave Rome because in front of everyone there must be Rome, which is a team to love.

The only goal must be Rome's good, there must be no pro Totti, pro Pallotta or pro Baldini factions. Presidents, coaches, players pass but the flags do not pass. This made me think so much and if I made this decision it certainly wasn't my fault. " "Rome put it in front of everything, it's my second, or maybe first, home. I have always made this city look good around the world ”.

"It wasn't my fault because they never gave me the chance to express myself. They never involved me in a technical project. After a year of adaptation, they kept me on the margins of their decision making process. So it makes no sense to stay ".

"To the people of Rome I must only say thank you for the way they have always treated me. There is a relationship of respect between me and the people of Rome. Rome is always rooted and honored for me is the most important team in the world. It troubles me to see her in such difficulty, it bothers me. The Roma fans are different from the others for their passion and desire that they put us in every occasion.

Their love can never end. I will continue to cheer on Rome forever. It's a goodbye, it's not goodbye. It is impossible to see Totti outside of Rome, as a Romanist I think it cannot happen. I will take other roads, but I am ready to return with another property ".

"I don't want to just point to a culprit but they didn't honor what they told me. They made me leave Rome. We all know they made me stop, on the managerial side I had a six-year contract, I tiptoed because I needed to understand what it meant to be a manager. They have many promises but they never kept them. They knew very well what I wanted to do. I have a character, I have a personality, I can't stay to be used once in a while ".

"They always had the fixed thought of removing the Romans from Rome but in the end the truth prevailed. In the end they managed to get what they wanted. Since they entered the Americans have tried in every way to put aside the Romans, namely me and De Rossi. They wanted this and in the end they succeeded. "

"There has never been a relationship with Franco Baldini and never will be. There are internal problems in society. One of the two had to go out. Too many roosters to sing do not serve in society. He always had the last word from London. I "sang" from Trigoria but I wasn't listened to ".

"Excellent transfers? They have to tell the fans the truth. When I said that Roma was in fourth place and that Juve would have won the championship months in advance they accused me of taking down the dreams of the players and the fans but I simply said the truth. They don't. I can't tell lies to the Roma fans I love. We must always tell the truth ”.

"Pallotta absent? The president must be present. Must stay in Rome. A football company is like a company. If the master is away, if the master's voice is not there, the players do not go straight. Thus it is difficult to manage crisis of results and overcome difficult moments. We need the authority, support and presence of the company in Trigoria ”.

"I have often traveled to various continents. Especially in Doha and the United Arab Emirates. There are so many people interested in investing in Rome. Rome is loved and respected in many parts of the world. Everyone would like to take it, but until I see black and white I can't expose myself. "

"In two years I will have held ten meetings. This property has always called me at the last moment. They always wanted to put everything aside so I said I could only return to Rome with another property. They lacked respect not only for the manager but above all for the man ".

"With this property I have closed. If another property arrives, if you call me, if you believe in my leadership skills, then yes I would come back more than willingly. Today I'm suffering more than when they forced me to stop playing. In a sense, I would have preferred to die sooner. The leaders of Rome have told me that I am too cumbersome. For this reason I remove the disturbance. I asked to be a technical director because I believe I have the necessary skills. I didn't go to London because they warned me at the last moment. Then what was I going to do because they had already decided everything, new coach and new sports director, without asking me? ".

"I want to clarify something else. I only searched for Conte. All the others are falsehoods. I would not go back to Rome even in the case of Baldini's farewell. I'm done with this American property. If they wanted me, they would have moved before this press conference. "

"The only one that I can publicly thank is Fienga. Because he is the only one who has always been clear with me and the only one who would have liked me as technical director for the club. Just with Fienga we were able to hire Claudio Ranieri who is a real man and who came practically free to train Roma. Romanists must be proud of Ranieri, proud of this man who received the right tribute during the departure of De Rossi ".

"I have always wanted to be a technical director but Baldini put the sticks in my wheel from the first moment. The last opinion is up to the technical director. What if I didn't want Fonseca or the new sports director? If things go wrong, what do I say at a press conference? Which is not my choice? If Conte had come, which is my choice, I would have remained without a shadow of a doubt. Because the technical director is an important role and must have the last word in the choice of coach and sports director ".

"Antonio Conte heard and saw him several times and he gave us his ok. Then there were problems that changed the cards on the table. He signed with Inter and it no longer makes sense to talk about it ".

“I have been clear about De Rossi since the beginning of the year. I told the executives that they had to respect it because it is a flag of Rome. They didn't have to download it two days from the end of the championship, they should have told him at the beginning of the year. As I told you, they never made me decide anything so I didn't even go into this choice. As I told you before, their plan was always to remove the Romans from Rome. "

"Fonseca is not my choice but as a fan I hope it does well. Conte didn't come because he didn't want a technical project that started with a revolution. He wanted a project based on continuity. In these parts it is not possible because it sells and changes too much from year to year ”.

"If Daniele does not go to play elsewhere, we come to the stadium as a fan and we follow the game in the Curva Sud. They should have bet on us to make everyone understand what the Roman world is and instead they took us out. In Trigoria there are people who do the evil of Rome and not its good. There are people who speak ill of everyone. How can you trust them? They report falsehood in Boston. Thus there can be no cohesion. So you can't go anywhere ".

"Did they accuse me of playing too many games or vacations? The other executives do it only that nobody knows them and then nothing comes out. When I go to do these games I am authorized. Indeed they tell me that it is good for the image of Rome. So when I listen to certain things, it makes me laugh. Damn … ".

"The case of email? I trust 100% of Daniele De Rossi. For me it's like a brother. For the rest I have nothing to say because this email is now in the public domain. I'm telling the truth but I'm also holding on. If someone answers me, then I will completely empty the bag. "

"You say that Malagò is a friend of mine so if he should become president of Rome, he will surely consider me … Surely he esteems me more than there are now. I have always been a burden for this company, both as a player and as a manager ".

"I was not only looked for by federations like Fifa and Uefa, I also received offers from Italian companies. But obviously in some of them I can't work out of respect for Roma fans. Juventus, Lazio or Napoli? Now let's not exaggerate … ".

"Florenzi didn't make himself heard, while Pellegrini wrote to me despite being engaged in the National team. I enjoyed it very much. I wish him a great future. He is a clean person, he truly cares about Rome. He will remain forever at Rome because he loves Rome. Instead there are footballers and managers who laugh after a defeat, who are also happy. To see them makes the balls go round … ".

"I want to break a spear in favor of Di Francesco. I didn't choose Monchi but I can tell you that Di Francesco, after the Champions League semi-final, asked for five players and not a single one arrived. In the summer I advised the company not to take a player who was always injured (Pastore) and I proposed one more suitable for Di Francesco's game, as a technical director should do. I had chosen an Ajax (Ziyech) player.

I say one last thing, already in the contract that I signed with Rossella Sensi it was written that I should have been the future technical director of Rome. So it's not new for these months. It never happened and I'm leaving. I greet the Roma fans who are the most beautiful in the world. "

The Totti article , goodbye to Rome: “Either me or Baldini They didn't want the Romans ". The club: "Imaginative Vision" seems to be the first on daily Blitz .

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