Totti during live with Vieri: “I was going to separate from Ilary. All the fault of… Donna Paola ”VIDEO

ROME – Show by Francesco Totti during a live Instagram with the ex national team mate, and jokes, Bobo Vieri .

Totti joked about a recent quarrel with his wife Ilary Blasi. The reason? All the fault of Donna Paola !

Did Totti have another? But no … Donna Paola is their new cat. Animal strongly desired by Ilary that Francesco did not want any intention of taking …

Obviously in the end Ilary imposed herself, her wife always wins in these cases, but Totti didn't talk to her for two days then the situation returned to normal.

Totti told his friend Vieri about this anecdote . His declarations are reported by

"I would kill my wife , she bought a hairless cat. Donna Paola called her . It is hot.

In the evening she sleeps in the bed , between the legs: she is very affectionate.

I was going to part with my wife to take the cat: I didn't want him, but she wanted him at all costs: one day he took me inside the house, in the end she decides so much.

For two days we didn't talk to each other, but then I fell in love. "

Then a little thought about his Rome:

"Rome? They are making the sign of the cross … Fonseca is good – admits Totti -, they all speak well to me, both as a coach and as a person.

I like him, he's an offensive, he's not afraid of anything. But now we have to see if they resume ”(source Agenzia Vista / Alexander Jakhnagiev).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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