Totti: “Count to Rome? It was done, then … Friedkin is not making Pallotta’s mistakes “

Totti has revealed a background on Conte's failure to arrive at Rome. Then he spent words of praise for the new president.

Francesco Totti between present, past (Conte) and future (return to Rome?) During a long interview with Paolo Condò for La Repubblica.

The former Roma manager spoke of Conte's non-arrival in the Giallorossi: “It was all done, then he chose Inter. I took it badly".

Then Totti spent words of praise for the new president: “He understood the importance of being present in Rome. Already in this he did not make the same mistakes as Pallotta ”.

“I thought I had made it, ask Fienga, he too was becoming convinced by now.

I talked to Antonio for ten days in more and more detail, he wanted to know everything, players to sell and players to take, climate inside the locker room, I remember that he only required three figures in contact with the team, the others all far away, and we would have satisfied. I was disappointed when he finally chose Inter.

Dan Friedkin quickly understood the fundamental thing: in Rome the property must be physically present, and the announcement that his son Ryan will come to live here goes in the right direction.

Pallotta made mistakes because he decided on the basis of reported news. The owner has to experience them live.

The situation is like this: after last year's break-up I have reinvented an interesting and enjoyable professional life. I work with old friends: Candela follows France, Aldair follows South America.

Together we look for guys with remarkable basic qualities, and we explain to them the mentality that leads to the top.

The contracts come later, they are a consequence, I tell you how you have to live to deserve them, and it is quite normal that if Totti assures him a guy believes it.

This means that I do not burn with the need to change, I have found another thing that fascinates me.

Having made the premise clear, it is natural to think that sooner or later Roma and I will meet again. But I don't tell the times, and above all I don't wait for it to happen sitting doing nothing on the sofa at home ”(source Paolo Condò for La Repubblica ).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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