Totti, behind the farewell, is there a consortium led by Malagò ready to buy Roma?

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Totti, behind the farewell, is there a consortium led by Malagò ready to buy Roma?

ROME – Francesco Totti and his press conference where he announced his resignation as manager of Rome are just a prelude to a return from the main door of Trigoria. According to Italian Affairs , in fact, the former captain and manager of Rome would already have a pre-contract with a consortium led by Giovanni Malagò , current president of CONI.

The insistent voice has been running since yesterday morning, June 17, in the headquarters of the Rome of the Eur, where they are sure that the agreement with the consortium of entrepreneurs led by Malagò, is a matter of hours. And the end of Totti's adventure is a sort of dramatized agreed upon table to accelerate the departure of James Pallotta and above all from the stadium of Rome, which by now has become the only reason to keep the asset represented by the team.

Last Friday in fact, in an interview with Tuttosport, Malagò had admitted to "dreaming" the presidency of his favorite team, or Roma: "I don't know a football fan who doesn't dream of becoming the president of his team". A phrase that Malagò had only defined as a "joke", discouraging, as Marco Mensurati writes about Repubblic a, the former captain to hold a press conference with those contents. It is not clear, however, why Malagò decided to contradict his own thought in practice, hosting Totti's press conference at the CONI.

A hypothesis is that of Malagò, the next president of Rome who, even in Roman radio, is starting to wind. Ilario Di Giovanbattista, Radio Radio , is convinced that it is not just a dream: "In the situation of Italian sport there is no doubt that with the advent of the new Government the figure of Malagò will be downsized. For a man like him, with his relationships and international interests, it is the ideal time to create a consortium that can buy Rome. I am convinced that this can be a real possibility in the coming months. He could take advantage of Totti's farewell, which would bring down the popularity of American Rome to a minimum. It is a much less imaginative scenario than it might appear today. It is clear that we will need the support of people with enormous possibilities, institutions and banks. Malagò next President of Rome is destined to become something more than a dream “.

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