Totti and the owl at Lazio: “Inzaghi deserves to win but not on this bench …”

ROME – The "gufata" of Francesco Totti against Lazio depopulated on social media. The former Roma captain, during an interview with Sky Sport, congratulated his friend Simone Inzaghi but also said:

“Lazio is going really fast. If Inzaghi coached another team, I would wish him to win but since he is the Lazio coach … I hope they can drop a little otherwise they are in trouble … I hope for a Lazio blackout ".

“I respect what Daniele did. Everyone makes their life choices. I had opportunities at the end of my career: abroad, America, the United Arab Emirates and also in Italy ".

Francesco Totti returns to talk about the career ending he and De Rossi experienced in Rome. The former number 10 ended in yellow and red while the midfielder chose to fly to Argentina to dress, if only for a few months, the Boca Juniors shirt.

Francesco Totti: "Massimo Ferrero did everything he could to get me to wear the Sampdoria shirt but he failed".

Totti, in connection on Sky Sport24, then revealed who most of all tried to convince him to continue away from the capital.

“Sampdoria wanted me at all costs, Massimo Ferrero has a soft spot for me, he is Roman and Romanist like me and he would have done anything to bring me there – reveals the ex Romanist captain and manager -. But I was doubtful. I honestly wanted to continue because I felt I could give something.

In the end, however, a year or two didn't change anything and since my choice of life was to wear a single shirt, playing a year or two elsewhere would have changed everything.

I should have canceled everything and wasted 24 years. Rome was my life, my most beautiful journey. And even if I'm out of Trigoria my heart is in there "(source Ansa).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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