Totti and Ilary, the VIDEO with a couple’s abs on Instagram

ROME – Francesco Totti and Ilary Blasi are among the most active VIPs on social networks.

In the past few hours, the TV host has uploaded a workout video with her husband.

Totti and Ilary were the protagonists of couple abs.

The former Roma captain lay on the mat and raised Ilary as if he were a barbell.

In the meantime, both were doing abs.

The video immediately went viral on social networks where it collected many likes and comments in a few hours.

A few hours earlier, both Totti and Ilary had updated Instagram to make Chanel's birthday wishes.

Chanel and Ilary have a lot in common, to reveal it is Totti in one of the many direct social networks with former teammates.

Here are the declarations of the former Roma captain.

Chanel loves animals as much as Ilary.

If it were up to her, our house should be a zoo .

In fact , there is no shortage of animals .

The latest arrivals? A hairless cat and a Tibetan dwarf goat .

The cat, a Canadian Sphynx, wanted him strongly Ilary.

I didn't want him at first but now I love him too.

The cat is called Donna Paola, when she enters our bed it gives off an incredible warmth .

The Tibetan dwarf goat was a purchase wanted by my daughter Chanel.

Chanel already loves it and spends a lot of time together with this new animal.

My daughter loves to go out, sometimes I should tie her up … "

(source: Instagram, Vista Agency / alexander Jakhnagiev).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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