Totti and Ilary: after the Canadian Sphynx cat comes the Tibetan goat

ROME – During this coronavirus quarantine , Francesco Totti's family expanded.

After the arrival of the Canadian Sphynx , the famous hairless cat , here is that of a Tibetan dwarf goat .

Totti has not yet commented on the goat but he will certainly do so during the next direct on Instagram .

The former Roma captain has already spoken abundantly on his new Canadian Sphynx during a live broadcast on social media.

"The newcomer is called" Donna Paola "…

Because of this hairless cat I was divorcing Ilary …

I begged her not to buy it because I didn't want it in our home but in the end it imposed itself .

In these cases , wives always decide

In addition, the children love nature and animals so " Donna Paola " finally came to our home.

Sometimes I forget I have it but then I feel something hot under the covers …

I don't know why but this cat is very hot, it looks like a radiator …

At first I didn't want him at home but now I'm fond of it.

It always ends up like this in the end … ".

The cat is called Donna Paola while the new Tibetan dwarf goat does not yet have a name but it is likely that it will be revealed on social networks in the next few hours.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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