Totti also unleashed as a prosecutor, agreement with Mateo Retegui

ROME – Francesco Totti's experience as a prosecutor began in the right way. After Simone Bonavita of Inter, here is the signature of Mateo Retegui.

These first moves confirm what Totti said some time ago. More than a prosecutor, he will be a talent scout.

He will not let already established players but young people of beautiful hopes enter his team.

Bonavita is considered by experts to be the new Sandro Tonali while Mateo Retegui is considered the future center forward of Argentina at home.

Bonavita is one of the jewels of Inter's youth sector, while Retegui is a member of Boca Juniors (even if he is making his bones at Estudiantes …).

Retegui should return to Buenos Aires unless Estudiantes does not redeem him for two million euros (an important figure for the Argentine market …).

Retegui would only be passing through the Argentine football championship because Totti would have promised him a bright future in Europe.

Clearly the boy, who is a giant who reaches almost 190cm, I hope to play in a great championship to retrace the deeds of his idols ( Batistuta, Crespo, Lautaro Martinez and many others who have shone in our Serie A).

Here is what Francesco Totti had said to Diletta Leotta for Dazn.

“But I won't be a prosecutor, that's a word gone by now. I would scout: I would scour to find some promising young men.

What if I was the prosecutor of a 25-year-old Totti? He certainly wouldn't play for Roma – admits the former number ten to Dazn's microphones -. At twenty-five they would already have bought it (laughs, ed). I think he would struggle to stay at Roma for so long. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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