Tottenham transfer market, Bale one step away: that’s what’s missing

Calciomercato Tottenham, Bale ad un passo: ecco cosa manca

Tottenham transfer market, Gareth Bale could return to London. In the photo Ansa, he is wearing the shirt of the Welsh National Football Team

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Gareth Bale could return to Tottenham after seven years. His experience with Real Madrid seems to have come to the end credits even though Zidane has just stated that: “I consider Bale one of our players. As long as it's here, it's available to me. It is an integral part of the team, I am not contemplating its transfer to Tottenham or other teams. "

Tottenham transfer market, Bale wants to return to London because he plays little in Madrid.

The truth is that Bale does not have the space he would like in Madrid while in London he would be an immovable holder since Tottenham lost Harry Kane through injury and has just sold Christian Eriksen to Inter. Bale knows this and for this reason he would gladly wear the shirt of the team that launched him in the football that matters.

Bale is 30 years old and has won everything with the Real Madrid shirt. Now he needs new stimuli and Mourinho is the right coach to motivate him properly. Tottenham has an ambitious project and has no problem giving him the same money he receives in Madrid (or 15 million euros per season). Also because Tottenham gives a salary very similar to Mourinho.

At the same time, Tottenham could convince Real Madrid with an offer of thirty million euros. Since the blancos consider the Welsh an excess, they could accept this offer from the British. It could be the January deal.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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