Toronto Raptors in the sky: the first Canadian team to win the NBA title

Toronto Raptors in the sky: the first Canadian team to win the NBA title

Toronto Raptors in the sky: the first Canadian team to win the NBA title

ROME – The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions for the first time in their history. They passed the Golden State Warriors for 114-110 in race 6 of the finals, closing the series at 4-2. The one that was consumed in the Italian night was the most intense match of these finals and it's another sprint to decide the match, as in race 5. But this is the year of the Raptors.

It is clear from those details that a series of playoffs can decide: injuries, unexpected baskets, small plays in the folds of the game. In the end, in such a balanced challenge, it was these elements that made the Canadian team prevail. Honor to the Warriors, incerottati, lacking for long stretches of some of its champions but never domi until the last second of the match.

In the start neither team seems to be under pressure. It is marked in profusion: the first quarter ends 33-32 with very high percentages from the field, the second 60-57. Toronto relies on Lowry (26 p.) And a rediscovered Siakam (26 p.). Golden State finds in Iguodala (22 p.) An excellent support to the duo Curry (21 p.) And Thompson (30 p.). The balance is maintained until a few minutes from the end of the third quarter when the game changes permanently.

Klay Thompson's knee turns unnaturally. Silence spreads throughout the arena. Curry sits on the parquet floor, shaking his head. It is yet another serious injury for the Warriors after that of Kevin Durant. The American guard closes with 8 out of 12 from the field, 4 out of 6 in triples, 10 out of 10 to free. With Iguodala, until then, the best player of Golden State. But he has to get out of the Oracle Arena supported by a pair of crutches, a scene that reminds one of Durant's previous one too, when there are more than 12 minutes to the end of the match.

In the last quarter, Toronto seems to have more energy. Coach Nurse pulls a box & one out of the hat, a zone defense with a single man marking. Obviously on Curry. It seems to work because the shots that the last Warriors on the field take are increasingly difficult. But also the talent of Kawhi Leonard (22 p.) Shines intermittently and the Raptors fail to sign the decisive extension, despite the five triples of a phenomenal Vanvleet (22 p.).

The Warriors, incited by their own audience, do not give up and force the Raptors to a point-to-point finale. At 9 seconds from the end the ball returns to Curry's hands with Golden State under a single point. But his triple, taken with great freedom, ends up on the iron like the last hopes of the reigning champions to take the series to the last act and still defend their title. The siren sounds. The Toronto Raptors are NBA champions and the party can start all over Canada. (source Agi)

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