Tonali at Inter, Suning’s TV “spoils” the transfer market bomb

MILAN – Sandro Tonali at Inter. This is the transfer market bomb dropped by Suning's TV which broadcasts the games of the Nerazzurri in China.

In fact, in the Inter-Brescia presentation trailer, Antonio Conte is seen with a special ace up his sleeve. Sandro Tonali with the Nerazzurri shirt.

The celebrations of the Nerazzurri fans on social networks are inevitable . Probably the Chinese ownership of Inter did not expect this trailer to end up on the net until it went viral.

In reality there is nothing official because the two companies, which however admitted this transfer market negotiation , still have not communicated the happy conclusion of the deal.

Inter, Sandro Tonali with Hakimi: what a brace on the transfer market.

While the Nerazzurri market men are at work to give this great champion to Antonio Conte, Inter is on the field and is getting rid of Brescia quite easily.

In fact, the game was already closed in the first half. The Nerazzurri finished the first half of the game three goals ahead ( Young, Sanchez and D'Ambrosio on the net).

In the Inter home, there is another negotiation in the pipeline. It's basically all done for Hakimi. The Nerazzurri will pay 45 million euros into Real Madrid's coffers. The official is expected to arrive in the next few hours.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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