Tommasi sounds the alarm: “Who takes responsibility for restarting football if the risk is not zero?”

ROME – Football has broken down into a thousand uncertainties.

From May 4, the Serie A players have started training in the sports centers of the teams with all the necessary restrictions .

The players are training in different time slots and in small groups in the various fields that are located within the sports centers to ensure social distancing.

The best equipped clubs have reserved for each player a personalized room to be used as a dressing room .

In other cases, the players are required to take a shower at home (a bit like what should happen when the gyms are reopened ).

Tommasi: "We must start again only when there is the ideal protocol".

"Who takes the risk of restarting football if the risk is not zero? The athlete? The club? The government? You have to start at the right time and with the ideal protocol. "

So Damiano Tommasi , AIC president, spoke on "FASE PIER" , the live Instagram with Pierluigi Pardo dedicated to Phase 2 also in football.

According to Damiano Tommasi “to be in favor or against the recovery is a discussion that leaves the time it finds: today we lack some elements.

We don't have any answers and this generates uncertainty, the dates are missing ”.

“For a footballer, it was not months of rest but of homework, the muscles still strengthened but then we will have to see how they will respond on the field.

We must return to the field in perfect conditions.

Everyone must be safe, not only the players but every employee close to the teams.

The protocol is designed for the resumption of training but not for official matches, not for travel, travel, travel and the crossing of two teams.

Work is underway – explained the former footballer – for a protocol regulating team training from 18/19 May, in the name of the health of the people concerned ". (source ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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