Todd Cantwell and the arrogant penalty, so he eliminated Mourinho’s Tottenham

Todd Cantwell e il rigore arrogante, così ha eliminato il Tottenham di Mourinho

Todd Cantwell and arrogant rigor, so he eliminated Mourinho's Tottenham (freeze frame from YouTube video)

LONDON (ENGLAND) – Mourinho flop in FA CUP. Tottenham coached by the former Inter Milan manager of the Triplete has been eliminated against all odds from Norwich who is the tail light of the Premier League. The team coached by the Portuguese was mocked in the penalty shootout lottery after closing the regular times with a disappointing draw. We have already talked about this meeting referring to Krul's "magic" water bottle ( here the video ) and to Dier's violent reaction to a fan who had insulted his family ( here the video ).

Now let's consider Todd Cantwell's prowess. The Norwich baby phenomenon received a really heavy assignment from his coach, pulling one of the last penalties in the series. His goal proved decisive for the passage of the round.

Todd Cantwell accepted this assignment without fear. He was sure to score. Not only did he score but he was the protagonist of the most arrogant penalty of the year. Cantwell approached the penalty spot by dribbling. He flaunted security and showed his enviable technique throughout the stadium.

Even its execution was not trivial. Without fear, Cantwell sent the ball under the intersection of the posts. If he had not achieved this goal, the opposing goalkeeper would have saved his shot because he had identified the corner.

But this was not the case and Cantwell became the hero of the meeting to the delight of the Norwich and Arsenal fans (another club in London with a historical rivalry against Tottenham). (YouTube video).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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