Thorbjorn Olesen arrested. Accusations: harassment of a passenger and peeing in the corridor of the plane

Thorbjorn Olesen

Thorbjorn Olesen (Photo Ansa)

LONDON – He would have harassed a sleeping woman and then urinated in the corridor of the plane: with these accusations Thorbjorn Olesen, 29-year-old Danish golf champion, was arrested and then released at London Heathrow airport.

Everything would have happened on a British Airways flight that took off from Nashville, Tennessee, USA, and headed for London. Here, from his first-class seat, the golfer would have harassed a passenger near him who was sleeping and then drunk would urinate in the corridor, not without first having quarreled animatedly with other passengers, until his colleague Ian Poulter intervened to restore calm. Except that at that point Poulter would go to sleep, leaving his friend a free hand.

The police waited for Olesen to arrive at Heathrow to interrogate him and arrest him on charges of sexual assault and annoying drunkenness on board.

A witness on board the plane told the Sun: "Olesen started harassing some passengers and crew and then focused on a passenger. Finally he also urinated in the corridor. It was a shocking behavior. Maybe you could expect it on a low-cost flight, but not on the first class of a British Airways flight ".

An airline spokesman said: "Our customers and our crew deserve to be well during the flight, and not to endure any form of abuse. This type of behavior will not be tolerated and appropriate measures will be taken ". (Source: The Sun, The Independent)

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