Theft in the Lodigiani locker room during training: wallets, cell phones and watches stolen

A maxi theft in the Lodigiani changing rooms, at the La Borghesiana sports center in Rome. Stolen personal items from players during training.

Theft inside the Borghesiana sports center where Lodigiani is at home. The thieves broke into the locker room of the Roman club during training stealing wallets, keys, cell phones, watches, but also shoes and clothes from the players.

The blow occurred on Monday while the team were training. “It was a time when the center was relatively full”, the president of the Roman club Andrea Simonetti told Il Messaggero: “There was a lot of coming and going. This is why we believe that it has been well studied and completed by several people, coming from outside, capable of acting together, quickly and with the coverage of poles and sentries ”.

"The damage is really enormous, it is at least a thousand euros each between mobile phones to be repurchased, car keys to be redone, house locks to be changed", tell the players at RomaToday.

The players have already filed a complaint. The police are investigating the facts and have already obtained some information. The satellite has located some of the smartphones stolen for the last time in the Pratofiorito area, near the Prenestina. (source THE MESSENGER )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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