The Times attacks the rugby team: “It must be thrown out of the Six Nations”

LONDON (ENGLAND) – The Times has clamored for the expulsion of the Italian rugby team from the Six Nations .

The British newspaper spoke of the bad running plan of the Azzurri in this competition (just 12 wins in 103 games ).

The editorial of the Times is reported by

“In 20 seasons plus another truncation – writes the 'Times' – Italy has achieved 12 victories in 103 games, an average of one for almost nine matches.

In addition, Italy this year was unable to score a single point against Wales and Scotland, losing 42-0 in Cardiff and 17-0 in Rome.

It is a clear sign that the tournament needs a substantial turnaround.

The French entered in 1910 and before being excluded in 1931 due to the extreme violence in the game and because at the club level they paid the players, they had made 12 victories in 17 editions of the competition.

The average was therefore a success every five games, higher than that of the Italians now.

Then France took time, but in the mid-1950s it emerged as a power, winning titles.

He had to wait until 1968 to make the Grand Slam, but it was worth it.

The Bleus have added panache and originality to the game of rugby.

Italy does not show the slightest sign that 21st century France can become.

So the blues would do better to return to measure themselves in a competition in which they are favorites, and not in one where they are dominated and beaten heavily.

Romania and Georgia represent the level of competitiveness of their standards ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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