The statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was shot down in Malmoe: that’s why

statua di Zlatan Ibrahimovic è stata abbattuta a Malmoe: ecco perché

Zlatan Ibrahimovic with the AC Milan shirt pictured Ansa. His statue in Malmoe has been torn down

MALMOE (SWEDEN) – While in Milan Zlatan Ibrahimovic was received as a savior of the homeland, in Malmoe, in his hometown, they continue to contest him heavily. Malmoe ultras razed his statue to the ground to protest his decision to buy stakes from Hammarby, a Stockholm team and long-time rival to Malmoe. Last night, as the Aftonbladet newspaper writes, some vandals knocked down the statue that celebrates it (va).

In a few hours, Ibra could make his second debut with the Milan shirt. Zlatan Ibrahimovic "has already changed the environment" but "he is not the savior of the homeland". This was highlighted by Milan coach Stefano Pioli on the eve of the match against Sampdoria.

His statements are reported by the Ansa: “You can touch him inside and outside Milanello, he is not just any player, just any personality. But the team will have to do better to win games. But I am enjoying him very much, even today he was the last to leave the dressing room. Tomorrow play? It is available. "

Zlatan Ibrahimovic should start from the bench, Piatek should play in his place but this does not mean that he cannot enter the game in progress, perhaps when the opponents are tired, to make a difference.

Here are some videos from YouTube that document the vandalism of some Malmoe fans against the statue that celebrates (goes) Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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