The police stop a clandestine football game, also ex Cagliari and Chievo Mpoku on the pitch

VISE '(BELGIUM) – The police of Visé , a French-speaking Belgian municipality of 16,852 inhabitants, located in the Walloon Region, in the Province of Liège , stopped an illegal football game .

Among the protagonists on the field were three professional footballers .

One of these was Paul-José Mpoku , a former striker from Cagliari and Chievo Verona.

The other two known faces of the meeting were Medhi carcela and Junior Edmilson .

To announce this news, through a post published on Facebook, was the Councilor for Sport of Visé Julien Woolf .

Below is the post published on social media by Woolf.

“I want to remind everyone of the rules on practicing outdoor sports.

 All football games are prohibited.

 Physical contacts are categorically prohibited.

The gatherings and gatherings are formally prohibited.

You can find all the relevant information here:

I thank the police of Basse – Meuse for his timely intervention.

Law enforcement officers foiled a clandestine match that should have been played on the plains of sport.

In the stands many spectators were eager to see a live football game again.

The stars of this match were professional footballers Paul-José Mpoku, Medhi carcela and Junior Edmilson.

Football champions who should set a good example in this period …

At the same time, I invite them again to our Visé fields as soon as the sanitary conditions allow it ”.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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