The players win the game with the government, training in the sports centers of the clubs from 4 May in the following regions

ROME – The world of football wins its first game against the government.

The resumption of the training of the players in the sports centers of the clubs , which at first had been set for May 18, will be brought forward to the 4th in various regions of Italy.

The first to give the ok was Emilia-Romagna , in the next few hours the white smoke should also arrive from Lazio and Campania.

Tuscany is also moving in this direction after the ex-minister of sport Luca Lotti asked the president of the region to do the same.

This change of course came after the vehement protests of the players against the government's decision to open to training in public parks but not in the sports centers of the clubs .

This decision is highly questionable given that the company's sports centers are equipped with numerous changing rooms and training fields that allow players to train safely in compliance with social distancing and other rules set by the government for anti-coronavirus function .

Without the reopening of their sports centers, the players would have trained together with other citizens in public parks.

This presence of footballers among ordinary people would have created many problems of gatherings and public order.

Can you imagine Dzeko and Immobile in Villa Borghese or Cristiano Ronaldo in the Valentino park ? They would have created a difficult situation.

The reopening of the sports centers of the football clubs, in conjunction with that of the public parks, is certainly the wisest decision.

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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