“The Last Dance”, Horace Grant defends himself against Michael Jordan’s accusations: “I’m not a spy”

CHICAGO (UNITED STATES) – Despite ending a few days ago , Netflix's series "The Last Dance" about Michael Jordan continues to be debated all over the world.

Even in our country , where basketball is not as popular as football, it was the most watched series of all time on Netflix.

Jordan's charisma , according to many the greatest sportsman of all time, also fascinated the Italians who were at home for the coronavirus quarantine.

There are many passages that have made us discuss.

One of them is the one about Horace Grant.

Grant, along with Jordan, was one of the great protagonists of the first Chicago Bulls historic Three-peat .

Then, in '94, Grant left the Bulls to become the overpaid Orlando Magic star (but that's another story …).

After the three titles won together, in '91, '92 and '93 , something broke between Jordan and Grant.

Former Bulls number 23 provided an explanation of the facts during The Last Dance.

Grant was a spy in the locker room.

All the things written in the book 'The Jordan Rules' were passed on by him to the journalist Sam Smith . "

At the time, Jordan was seen as a spotless and sinless hero.

Instead, the book in question reveals Jordan's "tyrannical" behavior towards other teammates.

This book has helped to bring Jordan's appeal to the Americans and has created tares in the Bulls' locker room (it was a continuous spy hunt …).

The former number 23 took a while to shake off these accusations but then he was able to return to the heights of popularity with his prowess on the field.

The Last Dance, Grant replies to Jordan: "Let's face it like real men."

Grant replied to Jordan that he accused him of being a spy.

The statements of Jordan 's former teammate are reported by gazzetta.it.

“Lies, lies, only lies, if Jordan has held a grudge against me, we can resolve the issue as men.

We can discuss it or find another way to fix things.

But again, he repeated the lie that I am the source who spread the things written in the book.

Provided that a documentary can be called 'The Last Dance', there are many inaccurate things.

But it's inevitable if Jordan made it himself and made the cuts he wanted.

Sam and I have always been great friends, we still are, but the sacredness of the dressing room and its secrets has never been questioned.

Sam is a great investigative journalist, that's the explanation.

He always said he had two sources: why does MJ keep pointing the finger only at me ?.

His is only grudge: I tell you, he has no other reason but that.

And I think it comes out during the documentary.

If you say something out of place about him, you are done out, he will do everything to destroy your character.

But when he tried to attack me, I always replied, without taking a step back ".

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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