The first positive coronavirus player is former Juve King Udoh

Coronavirus: positivo King Udoh, ex calciatore della Juventus

Coronavirus: King Udoh, former Juventus player (positive image from YouTube)

SIENA – Coronavirus does not spare the world of football either . As reported by Corriere dello Sport, King Udoh, a former Juventus player, tested positive for the coronavirus buffer. Udoh, who now plays in Pianese in Serie C, felt bad in a hotel in Alessandria where he was with the rest of the team.

The company arranged for him to return immediately to the city where he was admitted to the Le Scotte hospital in Siena. He is the first professional footballer to test positive for coronavirus.

King Udoh thus skipped the game against his former team, Juventus Under 23. He now appears to be in good condition. His team, Pianese, has been quarantined.

"Coronavirus, King Udoh positive to the swab."

Live on Radio Punto Nuovo, Antonio Romano, Udoh's teammate in Pianese, spoke. His statements are reported by the Corriere dello Sport:

“I am in Naples for an ankle problem and I have treated myself in Campania. This morning I had prepared everything to leave, at 8:30 they called me to say not to leave because King Udoh's swab was positive. I was alarmed by my teammate, but I stayed here.

King Udoh lives in Milan, I fear he was infected there. At the moment the company is taking care of the boy, as it should be, nothing has been communicated to us yet. I tried to call him, but he doesn't answer me. For now, the activity is suspended, we are waiting for news from the company, someone has been advised not to leave the house for their own safety and that of others. "

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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