The dedication of the linesman Manganelli to his father who died during the Champions League final

The linesman Lorenzo Manganelli was the author of a gesture that went around the world during the Champions League final ceremony.

During the final award ceremony at the end of the match won by Bayern Munich against PSG, the linesman Lorenzo Manganelli became the protagonist of a moving gesture on live television.

The linesman of the all-Italian referee triad who directed the final, showed the photo of his recently deceased father to the cameras, to celebrate his highest professional moment.

Lorenzo Manganelli's father had also been a race director in the past. And so, in the most important moment, during the final award ceremony in which the two teams and the referees parade, Manganelli held the photo of his father in his hands and in front of the cameraman who was filming the award ceremony he showed it with emotion. . (source )

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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