The dark years of Massimiliano Allegri, from the troubles for the kick-chicks to the beginnings of the Aglianese between the general skepticism

Gli anni oscuri di Massimiliano Allegri, dai guai per il calcioscommesse agli inizi all'Aglianese tra lo scetticismo generale

The dark years of Massimiliano Allegri, from the troubles for the kick-offs to the beginnings of the Aglianico between the general skepticism Ansa / Emilio Andreoli

TURIN – Now Massimiliano Allegri is one of the most prestigious coaches in the world but in the past he has experienced difficult moments. From the last years as a player, with the troubles for the calcioscommesse ( deepening here ), at the beginning as a coach in the small Aglianese. The 1997-1998 vintage was the last of a Serie A player, in a Napoli, however, in disarray, with which he will play his last races in the top Italian category.

Subsequently he served for three seasons in the cadet series, between Pescara and Pistoiese. Here, in Pistoia, in March 2001 he was initially disqualified for a year by the Disciplinary Commission following a conviction for a sporting offense related to the Italian Cup match with the Atalanta of 20 August 2000, accused of having piloted, together to other seven players of both formations, the result following large sums of bets from them through friends and relatives; however, in May 2001, the Federal Appeals Commission will appeal to the two clubs' lawyers, acquitting all the players involved in the alleged wrongdoing and thus also canceling the disqualification of Allegri: "but the wound still offends me", said the same Merry years later.

Although he came out clean from this story, the troubles for the calcioscommesse have obscured the image and was forced to start from the Italian, between Serie D and C2. A low level compared to the rest of his career. He earned just over a thousand euros a month from the Agrianese, but he had no alternatives because at that time there were no better engagements. Allegri ended his racing career in 2003 with 374 games and 56 goals. In Serie A, in particular, he scored 101 matches and scored 19 goals.

From the English to the English language, so began his career as a technician

After hanging the boots to the nail, Allegri was a candidate for the bench of the English. The club of Agliana, province of Pistoia, not having alternatives to the situation has decided to please Allegri by appointing him as head coach. In those days, few believed his skills as a coach and nobody would have thought to see him as a champion of Italy or in a Champions League final. Yet Allegri amazes everyone, blocks the armored Sangiovannese, coached by an emerging Maurizio Sarri, and conquers a very quiet salvation. This performance earned him the Spal bench and the start of a brilliant career.

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