“The cup of the immortals”, presented the book by Sacchi but the show is by Berlusconi

Sacchi La coppa degli immortali, presentato il libro di Sacchi ma lo show รจ di Berlusconi

The cup of the immortals, presented the book by Sacchi but the show is by Berlusconi (photo Ansa)

MILAN – "La coppa degli immortali", the upcoming book written by Arrigo Sacchi with Luigi Garlando of Gazzetta dello Sport, was officially presented yesterday, which retraces the stages of the extraordinary ride that led to the first European triumph of the Silvio Berlusconi club, the unforgettable 1989 European Cup. The event took place at the BPM headquarters in via Massaua, Milan.

During this presentation, which saw on the stage the presence of Franco Baresi, Arrigo Sacchi, Silvio Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani, the former Milan president took the stage with one of his shows.

Berlusconi talked about practically everything. On the Champions Cup won by Milan in 1989 he said: "I remember that night as the most beautiful of my life". Then he focused on the present: "Yes, I miss Milan but now I'm out of Milan, I can't intervene in the decisions of the current management. Galliani and I expressed our opinion and decided otherwise ".

Berlusconi also returned to talk about the possible arrival of Maurizio Sarri, the new Juventus coach, at Milan a few summer ago: "Then Sarri was not possible, he had already made his decision, we did not enter the heart of the negotiation".

Berlusconi also spoke about Giampaolo, Milan's new coach: "Giampaolo is a coach who loves the beautiful game, with an offensive mentality, which is the first thing a team has to play to be able to win the field, win and convince – said Berlusconi speaking of the new Rossoneri coach -.

The playmaker? In this Giampaolo also follows the form that we have always followed with the two tips and behind a prompter. Perhaps Giampaolo's choice also derives from the advice I gave to Scaroni. Gattuso was a great athlete who gave so much to Milan. As a person I am very fond of him, as a coach I had discussions with him, due to the fact that we were not in sync on the game module "(source La Gazzetta dello Sport).

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