The Abruzzo region has “changed” the rules of basketball: from gloves to a ban on physical contact

PESCARA – Resounding in Abruzzo.

In this region you can return to play basketball only with rules never heard of for this sport.

Basketball players must wear gloves and during the matches all physical contact will be prohibited.

Revolutionary rules that make the matches themselves practically impossible.

These rules turn basketball into a kind of three-point game.

The use of a center under a basket becomes practically useless since physical contact is prohibited.

With its latest ordinance, the Abruzzo region changed the rules of basketball that had stood for over 100 years.

When they were written by James Naismith in 1891 in Springfield, Mass.

In the attachment to the "security protocol for sports centers and clubs" , published on 9 June on the site of the . we read that, for the "game modes for football and basketball", 8 guidelines must be followed.

Among these, " the touch of the ball with your hands only and exclusively if equipped with gloves " stand out.

"Man marking is forbidden".

The new basketball in the Abruzzo region to fight the coronavirus.

These are rules which, to limit the possibility of contagion and favor social distancing, can be applied, albeit with some difficulty, to football.

Rules that are impossible for those who practice the ancient and noble sport of basketball.

The latter, as is known, is essentially based on treating the ball exclusively with hands (dribbles, passes, throws, interceptions) and it is impossible to play wearing protective gloves.

In addition, basketball is a contact sport that mainly involves physical confrontation and individual marking, especially in the open air and during the meetings of the so-called "playgrounds", to simplify "outdoor courts" to the maximum.

In short, respecting these two dictates would mean distorting a game that, despite changing over the years, has never reached such a radical transformation (source AGI, article by Alessandro Frau).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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