Tennis, referee harasses a 17-year-old ball boy: “You are very hot”. Removed for life from the ATP VIDEO

Tennis, referee removed for life from the ATP: he said "you're hot" to a 17-year-old ball boy

The referee harasses a minor during a tennis match

ROME – The ATP, an association of professional tennis players, suspended Gianluca Moscarella , chair judge, indefinitely because of his behavior during the Challenger tournament in Florence last September. During the tournament, as documented by images and audio, he first made advances to a 17-year-old ball boy like "are you fantastic, are you very sexy", or "is it very hot? You are hot? Physically or emotionally? ". And then, during the match between Pedro Sousa and Enrico Della Valleda, who arbitrated him, he approached the Portuguese and encouraged him to win as quickly as possible because “it's very hot today, so play concentrated please. I'm old and I'm on the pitch for two hours. They are games to win 6-1 6-1 ".

Moscarella, 46, who just became Employ last year, employed by the ATP as Full Time Official, was immediately suspended pending the decision on the case, now arrived with the indefinite exclusion from the cadres of the professional ATP referees. (Source: ANSA).

Source: Blitz Quotidiano

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