Tennis, Peter McNamara is dead: it was an ace of the double with Paul McNamee

Peter McNamara morto tennis doppio

Peter McNamara in an archive photo on the ANSA website

Sonthofen (Germany) – His name, when it came to double talk, had become almost a tongue twister, if only for the assonance with Paul McNamee, with whom he won everything there was to win. He left today, at 64, Peter McNamara, the other half racket of the aforementioned McNamee, Australian tennis player, winner of three Slam tournaments, paired with the 'twin' double.

Peter McNamara entered the history of tennis, domination between the 70s and 80s.

Their tennis dominated between the 70s and the 80s, making them enter history. According to the Association of professional tennis players, McNamara died in Sonthofen (Germany): he had been fighting prostate cancer for years. Twice he won the double tournament at Wimbledon (1980 and 1982), once the Australian Open (1979). Even in the singles, McNamara took his fine satisfactions, arriving at the semi-final in Australia and in seventh place in the Atp ranking.

McNamara's death moved the web. Some messages for him.

Adriano Panatta, Italian tennis legend and great friend of Peter McNamara, recalled him with the following tweet: “ Peter McNamara was a great player with a great class, but above all he was a good and nice guy that I always saw gladly. He was my friend and I will miss him ".

Sky Sport journalist Angelo Mangiante wrote: " We were in love with his back and the volleys. Peter #McNamara was one of the greatest doublers of all time. We grew up with him and McNamee, Newcombe-Roche, Panatta-Bertolucci, Lutz-Smith, Alexander-Dent. At the age of 64 he climbed onto the cloud with the serve and volley ".

The Australian Open dedicated a post to him on Twitter, writing: "Great player, great coach, symbol of Australian tennis, rests great Peter McNamara in peace" (source Ansa).

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